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Is there any membership fee?

There is no membership fee, Smart Art is and always will be 100% FREE.

Do I keep the rights of my artwork?

Yes, all the artwork rights remain with the you. What is yours, is yours!

What's Smart Art goal?

Our goal is to make art accessible to everyone. We help artists to get their work out there and art lovers to find that inspiring art they are looking for.

How do I get paid for artwork/photography sold on Smart Art?

Payments will be issued once a month through Paypal.

How is the final price determined?

Smart Art will add a comission fee on the final price of your art. The final price will be determined by the category your listed art belongs to "Original" or "Print".

Can I sell my art elsewhere?

Yes, you can still sell your art elsewhere. We just ask you to updated us the status of any original art you have listed on the site.

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